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Luna Designs are in a world of their own! Stepping out beyond the limitations of conventional high street fashion, Luna Designs are inspired by the grace and beauty of magic and nature. We love to combine practical, hardy clothes with designs that celebrate your body shape. This means Luna Clothes are cozy and convenient, can be dressed up or down, whilst savoring the contours of curves

We only work with the highest quality of fabrics which ensures that our clothes are not only stylish but durable. They can be washed time and time again whilst retaining their original shape and texture.

Snug in the winter, cool in the summer. Luna has a year round wardrobe ready for everyone.

Fair Trade and Luna

The seed for Luna Design was sown over a decade ago whilst traveling through Australia and Asia. We were lucky enough to connect with a small, home run factory in the rice fields of Java, Indonesia. Luna has always been committed to fair trade and we care about the people we work with as much as they care about the clothes they make! They are proud, skilled tailors who believe that quality makes a difference. By wearing our clothes you are also supporting seven family to thrive within their chosen and skilled profession.


Dea Dysling was born in Denmark but her gypsy soul has propelled her around the world. From Australia to India, Spain to Israel, the multi-lingual Dea has drawn her inspiration from diverse cultures and landscapes.

Dea has always held a love of textures, rich colours and has an eye for flattering lines. She loves a laid back lifestyle and wants her clothes to be comfortable and relaxing whilst relishing style, sass and originality!

Dea currently has a gorgeous organic, solar powered olive farm in the mountains of southern Spain but lives most of the year in Israel with her husband, her ten year old daughter Luna and her one year old son, Tayo.

Nir Ben Yacoov is the practical side of Luna Design. He grew up on an organic farm in Isreal and then spent his twenties traveling the world. He met Dea in Australia in 2000 and the pair have been developing Luna designs ever since!